actionFeedback supported parameters (custom widget)


I would like to know where to find the parameters supported in actionFeedback within a Toast. The most I’ve found is this thread with the same question but no solution.



actionFeedback: ='{ "text":"You selected <b>' + loop.option.label + '</b><br>Sending command <b>' +  loop.option.value + '</b> to item", "position":"center","icon":"<i style=\\"color:green\\" class=\\"f7-icons\\">checkmark_alt</i>","closeButton":true }'

I would need to know the rest of the supported parameters and/or some example.


All of these things derive from the f7 versions, so the f7 docs give you what you need to know if you’re interested in this level of detail:

Hello Justin,

I have come to that document several times and tried the following without success:

actionFeedback: ='{ "text":"<b>Generando</b>' + '<br>Espere</br>", "position":"center","icon":"<i style=\\"color:orange\\" class=\\"f7-icons\\">timer</i>", "closeButton":true, "closeTimeout":5000}'


actionFeedback: ='{ "text":"<b>Generando</b>' + '<br>Espere</br>", "position":"center","icon":"<i style=\\"color:orange\\" class=\\"f7-icons\\">timer</i>", "closeButton":t"rue", "closeTimeout":"5000"}'

It seems that not all parameters work. Or maybe it’s me…


It only shows 3 seconds and the close button not exists


Looking into the actions code, it seems that because you have icon set, your closeTimeout value is getting overwritten by the default value:

I’m not sure if this is intentional or why this would be the case, perhaps @ysc can comment on what’s going on here.

I have no idea :hushed:
This doesn’t seem right.

I would assume that if you put icon in your config, your intent was to make something like the 4th button/example in Toast | Framework7 Documentation, so to avoid problems if you didn’t specify a closeTimeout, it’s specified for you.

Hi Yannick, thanks for your reply. And you too @JustinG Justin. My intention is to make the fourth example as you say but to be able to customize more with:

I didn’t quite understand your answer/guidance… :frowning: