Activate raspberry Pi 3+ with raspberry pi touch display Habpanel

Hello everyone, I’m desperately looking for instructions on how to get the Raspberry Pi touch display to boot up with the Habpanel. I’ve now tried various instructions on the internet but to no avail.

In short, I would like the Habpanel to be displayed in the touch display when the respberry Pi is switched on.

The current version of Openhab is installed

Long term you’re unlikely to get satisfactory results with this approach. There is barely enough RAM to run OH on an RPi 3, let alone adding X, a window manager, and a browser.

The best answers to your questions will be found off this forum. Almost all use OH on a headless server and access the UI pages from a different machine.

you’ll need to look for “kiosk mode” and what ever browser you are using. You should find several tutorials on how to set it up that way.