Add 2 cams foscam FI9831W

Hi there all,
I must add 2 foscam FI9831W to OH but I found a lot of thread that talk about a lot of possibility.
So I just want to ask… is there some official simple method in order to add this 2 cam please ?
Maybe a step by step procedure… I’m newbe :frowning:
Thanks in advance

Lookup the URL for your camera:

Add this this to your *.sitemap file:

Frame label=“Webcams” {
Text label=“Camera 1” icon=“camera” {
Frame label=“Camera 1 Live Snapshot” {
Image url=“http://YOUR_CAMERA_IP:YOUR_CAMERA_PORT/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]”

Thanks a lot
I just add the cams
But when I go in the habmin sitemaps I can’t see the images
I see only the “menu” of the cams… I can click it but no imege there
Where I can see the video from the cams please ?

Thanks again

Maybe you should start with getting the video of the camera working in a browser. So copy the URL into a browser and check if the image or the video (depending on the url) will apear. If not, check whats wrong (debugging). If the URL (with login) works in the browser, it is just copy and paste into openhab.

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Ok … it’s work in the habpanel
I just add an imege item and put there youl link :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot