Add a new Thing Nuki 3.0 Pro connected over Alexa in OH3.3

The device is listed under Smart Home devices:

The device is not found when searching in Openhab.

The hint with re-entering the credential for Amazon account did not work either:

How do I get the device ID to add the device manually?

I don’t think it’s supported by the binding. What can you do from the App with the lock? Can you lock and unlock it or see the state?

Yes, it is possible to lock/unlock the device and see the status.

It is the only device that is not found. I can see my TV, Bose soundbar, Nanoleafs, robotic lawnmower, etc.

You may want to join in the discussion here: Nuki 3.0 Pro without bridge

I believe those all implement Alexa.PowerController and you can switch them on and off, correct? The Nuki lock probably implements Alexa.LockController which is not yet supported by the binding.

Yes, it’s probably an Alexa.LockController. In the Alexa app, it is listed as Locks.

The Nuki 3.0 Pro lock has just been released. This works without the additional Nuki Bridge device. So the NUKI binding does not work here.

In the future, the demand for the support for Alexa.LockController could increase.

Thank you for your support

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