Add Binding Manually on OpenHABian

Hi there,
i want to install a Binding like this (mihome Binding 4 Xiaomi Mi support @ github).
I install Openhab on Pi3 with OpenHABian (openHABian with openHAB 2.0.0-1 Release Build).

I copy this Binding in " \srv\openhab2-addons\addons\binding" (its associated with /usr/share/openhab2/addons ) but it doesnt work
If i open addons-bindings at the Paper-UI there`s no mihome binding.

So much thanks 2 all 4 answers.

P.S. sry 4 my bad english :laughing:

BG motschi

You need to copy that to:


thats the same :wink:
they are associated

Which version do you use, stable or snapshot release. Using the later might not work with the .jar in the addons folder.
And furthermore an OH2 binding that is used from an addons-folder will show under Config-Bindings.

I use the latest stable Version. (openHABian with openHAB 2.0.0-1 Release Build)
There´s no Binding @ “Configuration > Bindings”

Is there a config file? to add a Binding?

After copying it to the correct folder you may need to start the binding manually through karaf …
You could also take a look with bundle:list if the binding is active

I download a snapshot from and copy it in the folder.
so now it works.
thanks @ all