Add binding option is gone :(

Hi all,

Since yesterday it is not possible for me to add bindings or search for bindings in the OpenHAB PaperUI.
How can I restore this function? It seems that more functions are missing right now…
Below a screenshot

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Thank you for your reply,

That is not solving my problem, In my addons.cfg in the services folder, the package is set to ‘standard’
Some other places where it can be wrong?

The missing “Items” tab usually is caused by switching “Simple Mode” to on. But I don’t think this also causes your binding problems.
Did you clear the cache of your browser?


Yes, I did clear my cache of the browser. Also tried to use another browser, but dit not solve the problem.
Don’t know what to do anymore.

The Items list is back since I disabled the “simple mode” But still can’t add bindings via PaperUI or via addons.cfg.

Make sure you are only using one method: you can’t add bindings via PaperUI if any bindings are loaded through addons.cfg.
Addons.cfg takes precedence over PaperUI.

Previously, I added bindings via PaperUI. Since this option is not available anymore, I was trying to install bindings via addons.cfg without any succes.

Previously added addons via PaperUI are stil active and working great like KNX and hue bindings.

So after installing via PaperUI I can’t add via addons.cfg now?

If you have ONE binding installed through addons.cfg you can NOT install bindings through PaperUI.
I think you need to clear cache and tmp files. First remove all bindings and settings from addons.cfg, you should have a default addons.cfg:

Then clear tmp and cache:

Also check your addons.config in /userdata/config/org/openhab for proper entries (this file is generated through PaperUI)