Add Dome Home Automation Z-Wave PIR Sensor

Hello! I want to migrate from domoticz to OA2 but some off my sensor they are not supported!
I have several of these
someone knows how to use the domoticz zwave config file to create a valid zwave openhab xls?

domoticz file:

OH2 file:

any help is appreciated!

I guess it is this one?

You don’t need to create it, those are in the database and available as soon as you include the device into your network.

hello sihui!
visually it is similar but it is not that!
the device appears to me as unknown in OH2 but in domoticz is detected as Dome PIR sensor

Then you need to upload your xml file (in userdata/zwave) to the database.

there is documentation that explains how they are made they XML?

It’s coming from the device as soon as you add it to your network.
No need for manual intervention …