Add Items to Homekit


I installed OpenHab 2.4. Now i’m trying to add Items to be visible in Homekit. I already installed Homekit integration and connected by homekit on iphone to openhab.

I configured home.items file as follow for tests

Number:Temperature HTP_Temperature "Balkon [%.1f °C]" <temperature> [ "CurrentTemperature" ] {channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:xxx:yyy:temperature"}
Number SalonTemperature "Salon [%.1f °C]" <temperature> [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
Number LazienkTemperature "Łazienka [%.1f °C]" <temperature> [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
Number WindowSwitch_Battery "Wejście" <battery> { channel="mihome:sensor_magnet_aq2:xxx:yyy:batteryLevel" }

All this information are visibile under PaperUI but not under homekit. In homekit i can see icons of: Balkon, Salon and Łazienka but not the value. Status of this icons is not answer and not value.
I don’t see icon Wejście.
Additionaly in homekit i see two icons Brighteness and Color but i don’t know why. As you can see this two value are not configured in home.items. They are present as light and answering but not doing anything when i press them.

What i need to fix to make this sensors visible?

Please use the code fences.

No one is using Homekit? Can someone share home.items file? I would like to see how the correct syntax should looks like.

So do not see what the problem should be. I myself have just switched to node red for homekit support. The Openhab binding does not work well and think there are few users left that use it.

For more information about node red see the link below