Add jar files for binding

I found 2 jar files that I would like to add to my binding list.
I put the jar files in the folder \OPENHAB\openHAB-share\openhab2-addons
I reboot the OH and clear the cache.
But still I don’t see the new bindings in the addon page on paperUI.
I am running my system on Resp pi 4.
Any suggestion what can be the problem?

Thanks in advanced

That is pretty normal, they won’t show up.
If you want to see if they are active log into karaf and check the console

Is it enough to put it on the folder?
Don’t I need to activate /install the jar?


No, but you can check if it is activated like I described above.

you should see it in PaperUI / Configuration / Bindings

I don’t see it in the paper UI :frowning:

You should see them active with bundle:list through Karaf.

The 2 bindings in the addons folder are visible in PaperUI, see screenshot

Does the user openhab have correct permissions to the jar file?

If you installed via openhabian image then use openhabian-config tool and select fix permissions, that will solve the issue.

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Thank you very much!