Add new items OH2


When I add new items in the web UI in OH2, and a try to edit the items in my .items file, the new item do not appear in the file.

Can somebody help?

They will never do!
Please read:


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You can use both methods (file based and UI based) parallel, but the data is stored in two different locations. So file based items can only be edited file based and UI based items can only be edited through the UI.

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Hi again,

Sorry to be so swift in a solution for your problem. In order to physically compare the solution, I would just state that it’s the same thing as two persons would write some text on some sheets of paper for the same purpose: one being you writing in the textual configuration, the other one being the paper ui writing it at your command. Would you like these two persons writing all these things in a not appropriate order?



Thanks for the answer,

Where is the IU itmes stored?

In a JSON based DB. Should be located in var/lib/openhab2/jsondb I think…

okay thanks