Add-On, Binding, Service - What is the right approach?

Hello Devs!

Sorry for the “urgent”, but this is really an importan time-critical question for me because I need some clarification to be able to proceed.

I read through the documentation, but I am a little confused where to start.

My use case: I want to implement some connection to OpenHAB, so that

  • I receive every event
  • I am able to use a JDBC connection
  • some other dev could use this “addon, binding, service” to depend on, and implement something on top.

An example:
I install in OpenHAB my “addon, binding, service” that offers some base classes and a JDBC connection.
Some other developer can define this as an dependecy and provide some “addon, binding, service” that uses my classes and my JDBC to store and read (arbitrary) stuff.

On what level would this be appropriate?
Eclipse Smert Home level? OpenHAB level?

Really appreciate the help!

No one any suggestions for the right entry points?

To clarify the terms would be helpfull.

I’m not an OSGi expert but I think the term you’re looking for is OSGi bundle. It provides some code/functionality that can be reused by other bindings if they add it as an import in their manifest.