Add-on development for Trane XL1050 Thermostat

Hello all.

I’ve searched all over the place for a binding or sample code for Trane’s XL1050 thermostat to no avail. This is a wifi thermostat with a Z-Wave bridge that usually is connected to Nexia website for remote controlling. I’d like to connect directly to the thermostat via wifi from openHab if possible. I have also searched for an API/SDK/whatever, directly from Trane with no luck finding it.

I’ve been developing software for more than 20 years so I think that I can pick up openHab’s development “toolchain” easy enough in case no one knows if this add-on already exist.

Any pointer to an add-on, API, or whatever is highly appreciated.


There is no local api. You have to interact with the Nexia cloud api which is undocumented. There are some libraries written to do this. See here: