Add-ons for 3.1 JAR location


I wanted to test out the latest dev version of the MIIO addon without upgrading all of my OH system to test out a newly added feature that is slated to be released with OH 3.1. I had done this several years ago with a different addon there was a site I could go to that had the built version of the .jar file I would grab and plop into my addons directory without having to build myself. I cannot remember how to find this site. Can someone point me to it?

You can usually find those jar files on the bindings GitHub if I am not wrong (or here in the binding threads; i.e. the latest miio is also posted there).

I guess what you are searching for is the jenkins server… Artifacts of openHAB2.5.x-Addons #314 : /bundles/org.openhab.binding.miio/target [Jenkins] would be the artifact in question.

But please be aware that this was built at January, 05. 2021, so it’s not that new. You can’t use the OH3 Binding in OH2.5, as its code base is different.

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Yup, that’s it! Thanks!