Add Openhab Z-Wave binding as secondary controller to existing controller?


I am a disgruntled Samsung Smartthings user and would love to incorporate and eventually migrate to Openhab, however i would like to make my life easy and as far as i figure, if i can add Openhab to the existing ST Z-Wave network this would help me get on to the path of migration easier as i have roughly 110 devices.

any insight anyone can give would be great

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no bites? doesn’t anyone know? oh i forgot to add the Zwave stick i have is a ZME-UZB1

I have the same question!

I think I got it.

I used the Zensys tools as described in this post: to join my Aeotec S2 controller to my existing SmartThings network.

In openhab.cfg, I added: “zwave:masterController = false”
(I’m not sure if that is necessary, but habmin has that option in the GUI and it sounds good :slight_smile:

Habmin now shows all my existing zwave devices.

thats great, it has also worked for me on my stick…good catch.

can anyone tell me what software on Mac or Linux can make the Z-stick be a secondary controller? I got Open Zwave Controller to work, but it doesn’t have that feature, nor does Indigo, as far as I can tell.

on second thought, it seems easier to join the ST hub to the Z-stick, since I can do that from the ST IDE. Is there any real difference which device is primary and which is secondary for either OpenHAB or ST?

Replying here again in the hopes that anyone else can comment – this thread seems to be the most relevant Google result on the question.

After pairing my SmartThings hub to OpenHab as a secondary controller, all my locks quit working with SmartThings, and I had to roll it back. That was with OH 1.8 and before the recent work on adding security support, so I wonder if that was the problem. I plan to try again after moving my OH2 install to a Mac in the next few weeks. SmartThings seems to have improved its reliability, at least for event-based automatons, so I’d like to keep both systems running for access to SmartThings’ cloud-based UI and ZigBee support.

you did this the wrong way around IMHO allthough the option to add the ST hub as a secondary controller they have stated many times this functionality is not supported and the option was there only to enable the migration of the ST hub to primary. I have Openhab as a secondary controller, but i used a windows utility to do so the problem is though that if you are using locks you need both controllers to share the same security key. but heres the rub now that openhab has the functionality i cannot get access to the security key on ST to input this into the Openhab config

Thanks - I just saw your corresponding thread at SmartThings. So it sounds like I need to get Zensys running in a VM (I only have macs and a raspberry), include the z-stick as secondary to the SmartThings, and copy the SmartThings key? It seems like that will also avoid any difficulties with OpenHab and secure pairing, since SmartThings has taken care of that?

yes, this way is working ok i can take control of my locks and nearly most of my devices, i am however still having some issues getting my fibaro motion sensors working in this configuration, they just aren’t generating XML Files nomatter what i do :frowning: but i am using the OH2 Zwave Binding

edit i have got them working now needed to set the association groups via ST first

It’s also worth noting that multiple controllers may not provide you the experience you want. A number of parts of ZWave only supports a single controller. Often lifeline associations are only linked to a single controller, and wakeup messages also only support a single node. This means that you won’t be able to configure these devices from the ‘other’ controller…

The reason I say ‘other’ is that this isn’t directly linked to the primary or secondary controllers in ZWave - it can be linked to either, but only one.

I understand the limitations of this setup, the reasons i want to use openhab is for a failsafe for ST unreliability for some actions and to automate some things in the event that the ST platform dies. i do however like the simplicity of Smartthings and how easy it was for me to grasp programming for the platform. but i’ve gotta say this is a different beast to get my head around i was using openhab 1.x for a few things but i want to really stretch what i can do with a hybrid setup. as for the database edit, i will look at it tomorrow as its late here in the UK and see if i can get my head around it.

I know this is an old thread, but, in my searches it comes closest to answering my quetion, which is: If I set up a Z-Stick as a secondary controller, can I run Openhab 1 with my primary controller on my server, and run Openhab2 on my test box with the secondary controller? I realize there may be some limitations as to what I can do on the test box. This would make testing AND adopting Habmin2 much easier if it will work.


I have joined by Z-Stick Gen5 to my SmartThings hub using the Zensys tools but I don’t see my devices in Habmin. Were there any other steps that I needed to take?

joined “my” Z-stick…