Add outdoor alarm siren (enocean) to openHAB

I was looking for an outdoor alarm siren for a long time to integrate in openHAB. I now have found the Eltako FAS260SA. However, the product cannot simply be integrated with the enocean binding since it is not directly supported. I contacted Eltako and they disclosed the used enocean profile EP A5-38-08, which is supported by openHAB. Yet the teach-in has to be via enocean smartack.

So here is how it works:

  1. Enable ESP3, Handle SMACK Messages and Send TeachOuts on the encoean gateway (mine is a USB300).

  2. Press the LRN button on the siren. Be sure to be close to the gateway.

  3. If pairing is succesfull you should find the following info under “thing properties” of the gateway:

Learned smart ack clients 1
Smart ack clients 059XXXXX (MB Idx: 0)
(059XXXXX is the enocean id of your siren)
  1. Now make a scan via the enocean binding. Press LRN on the siren. The siren is found, label is the encocean ID. Add it as a new thing to openHAB. The following settings worked for me:

  1. After that you can configure your items. The siren is activated by a simple switch item. The “last contact” channel does only show the last time the siren was activated.

  2. You can then disable Send TeachOuts on the encoean gateway.

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