Add Silvercrest HG06337-BS Wifi plug to Openhab

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RaspaberryPi 4
    • OS: OpenHabian
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  • Issue of the topic: I have a Silvercrest Wifi plug, model HG06337-BS and I would love to be able to connect it to OpenHab. I installed Openhanian OK and I could actually setup the server, web interface and even add a Wifi Bulb I have (which has its own app, but there was a native OpenHab binding for it). I see there is a Silvercrest Wifi binding as well, but it asks for the MAC address and I don’t know where or how to get that from the wifi plug. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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The MAC address is normally printed on the device, but you can also check your router, as it notes the MAC together with the IP address.

Thank you very much for the quick reply.
I actually kinda knew that and I looked, but there is no mac on the device itself and no entry in the router.
On their website, it says it needs to connect to their gateway, so I presume they try really hard to lock it into their own system.
BTW, I attached the image of the plug for more clarity.
I really want to get this working, as it’s a very small and neat one.
Thanks a lot for all the advice!

Hi friends,

Anyone any ideas about this plug?
Or another suggestion of an alternative easy-to-setup one?
Thanks a lot!

I’m gonna try sonoff but as saw the S31 model, the newest one, doesn’t have a plug for UK…
Maybe the S26 model…

If I’m not wrong, what you are trying to add is a Zigbee plug, not a Wifi one. So, you will need a Zigbee dongle and install the binding to make it work.

By the way, I had it working in OH2.5 but I’ve not been able to make it work in OH3.

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@Nocrys is right:

There are several options to integrate it into openHAB:

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The German version of the plug (HG06337) works for me (openHABian / openHAB 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT - Build #2613, hacked Silvercrest gateway @, openHAB ZigBee binding).

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