Add support for Roborock Q Revo

Hey everyone,

I just got a new Roborock Q Revo, a pretty cool upgrade for one of my S5.

Unfortunately the Q Revo is not supported yet, my hope war if I just change the model id the most basic stuff like start cleaning, zone cleaning would work. Unfortunately the vacuum is not recognized even after changing the model id at the thing.

The model id is roborock.vaccum.a75.
For the integration, the experimental JSON file is needed?

Could please someone who knows that binding well add the new vacuum, even oft it would be just with the very basics.:wink:

In combination with openhab I added some nice features to my vacuum: timed cleaning, talking to Alexa etc… I really miss that stuff for the Q Revo.;(

Thanks a lot!

If someone is interessted on:

I added the support for Q Revo and also some addtional features channels:

I’ve just got my new Roborock Q Revo and want to inport it to my openhab 4.0.3. When I scan for it, it doens’t go online and only this two “experimental” channels are supported - which don’t help me.
What do I have to do, to get it running with my openhab?
BTW I have one Roborock S5, which works perfect.