Add unvalidated newbinding to the OH2 addons list

I know there have been several topics wrt to the possible multiple repositories, speeding up review etc.
Many pro’s & cons are mentioned, and the biggest challenge… how do we get sufficient capable folks that can do the code reviews and have these new bindings properly included. Don’t intend to restart that discussion here.

What I do see is that we have around 40 new bindings that are in as PR, but they are not easy usable. For many of us, pulling a specific PR, building it, getting it included in OH addons, or worse, updating one, is a bridge too far.
I do think for many users it would be beneficial, for many developers encouraging if these new bindings would available in the Addons section of paperUI, easy downloadable… even if that has the risk that it is not working 100% yet.

Hence, I would love an additional option in the extension management configuration to allow for ‘experimental’ bindings, which would enable these kind of bindings to be available. (somewhat similar to ‘include legacy 1.x bindings’ an ‘Included experimental/un-validated bindings’ selector)

Are there significant issues with such an approach? If not, I would not mind volunteering to try to set it up, e.g. add this selection functionality and manually/automated build the jars for these experimental bindings based on the ’ newbinding’ tag in the PR list.


The interesting part would be having some Jenkins setup building all those addons. I must admit I have wasted the last two hours setting up my own system for that :smile: