Add "Voice" tag to an item for amazon Alexa skill

I wanted to connect my Alexa to my openhab stuff and created an openhab cloud account etc. etc.

The problem: In the description of the amazon skill, it says that Alexa only recognizes the items with a “voice” tag. I added a tag manually that says “voice”. This means that it is a non-semantic tag. However, Alexa does not recognize the devices. Did I do something wrong?


Where did you read that? Alexa uses metadata, per the documentation.

The docs describe it in text files, but in the UI you just have to open (not edit) the item and select “Add metadata”, then select Amazon Alexa and add the class you want.

I read it on the amazon website where the skill is described. It says “In your openHAB configuration, add voice tags to the items you wish to expose to Alexa. Any number, dimmer, switch or thermostat mode (string or number) is supported.”

I will try what it says on your link though, thank you!

I just found it. That should probably be edited to be more generic.

@digitaldan, would you know who submitted the skill to Amazon? I’m assuming they would have to edit the description.

Any description text is located at openhab-alexa/resources at main · openhab/openhab-alexa · GitHub , these are managed by our crowdin integration as we have to support multi language as a smart home certified skill in other countries . PRs and translations would be most welcome , or open a ticket , also note that changing the description may trigger a language review by Amazon which was a long and very painful process for at least the sample utterances, I don’t know if that’s changed recently or not . @jeshab would probably know better then I.

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The process hasn’t changed. I will update the skill description in the upcoming refactoring change since we will need to go through a certification process to release to live skill.