Adding 433Mhz dimmer in Things file

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to add all my dimmers in a Things file including their Channels. I’m using RFXCom as binding.

Lets just assume that the dimmer is a Lighting2 Actuator and the only channels needed is Command and Dim. Do I even have to config channels if I use a Lighting 2 Actuator or do they come with the type?

I have found parts of the solutions like the syntax:
Thing <binding_id>:<type_id>:<thing_id> "Label" @ "Location" [ <parameters> ]

But can anybody give me a concrete example of how to use the RFXCom with the syntaxt?

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Why don’t you use paperUI?

There are examples in the docs, if you want to use xxx.things file

Esssentialy, you have a Bridge Thing and then define device Things that “belong” to it. The binding makes available channels according to device type, which you can choose to link to Items - or not.

As I have 30-50 units and an excel with their codes, iterating trough it and generation the .things file is super easy. Using the UI manually is slow. And on top of that, I want to learn. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help rossko57!

I have been trying that without success but if it is the right way I will try some more. I thought that the bridge was used when you didn’t have the binding. I don’t like the fact that both the Bridge and the Binding has setting for the usb device, that’s set up for problems :slight_smile:

My initial guess was that the syntax would look something like this:

Thing rfxcom:lighting2:100001.1 “Roof” @ “Livingroom”

No idea what you are on about.
“Binding” is generally used in two senses.
One, to refer to chunk of plug-in openHAB software for a particular technology e.g. RFX
Two, to refer to to setting linking an Item to a particular channel.

You tell the binding software which USB to use in a Bridge thing.

When you link an Item to a channel, you describe the channel with a hierarcal name like bridge:device:channel
Because you might have more than one bridge, and probably more than one device.

Thanks for the clarification of how the different parts intermingle.

Can I add Things to an already existing bridge in the file or do I have to defined a new Bridge together with the Things in the file?

I have to remove the one used in the UI to avoid conflicts it seems ?

A bridge type thing representing a gateway or bus would very often have several child things, representing devices.

Things created from file and from PaperUi will clash if they try to use the same resources.