Adding a group to an item through paper ui

Hi everyone,

Im using OpenHAB for a year now.
Last week I updated my installation to 2.2 and also switches over to the Homematic binding.
Im using the simple mode so that I dont have to create dozens of items for my devices.
Everything is working greate :slight_smile:

Today I wanted to start using groups and tags, but now Im struggling with that.
I tried to use the rest api, but every time I try to add an item to a group I get the error 405.
Then I turned off the simple mode and whenever I try to add a group to a Homematic item thorugh the paperui I get the error “item is not editable…”

What am I doing wrong?

Exactly the same problem here. I wonder if I really need to define everything in .items files to add items to groups.

Any hints?

Hi everybody,

Ive got the same problem.
I want to put all my Battery Items in one group, but I cannot edit the automatically created Items.
The same issue with Tags.

So what is the idea behind that? How can we use groups with automatically created items?
With dozens of Homematic Devices, my itemfile would be get huge (>200 entries).

I see, the question has already been created by me … :see_no_evil: