Adding a simple Blind controller to items

I’ve made a very simple WiFi motorised blind controller.
Basically just an ESP8266 and a stepper motor.
These are vertical blinds (not horizontal/venetian) with the long stick at the end to turn to open.

My controller works great and accepts a simple command over HTTP to control

What is the best way to add this to OpenHAB2? To eventually be able to use Google assistant to control them with voice commands (“OK Google, open the blinds”)

I’ve already got a number of lights and switches working well in items using a http on/off method.
Is there specific format for blinds so Open/Close commands can be used with Google?

Have you tried a rule and proxy items for open/closed to work with Google?

I haven’t. Do you have any pointers on that?

If on/off works with the blinds, witch is a switch item then use a rule to change a proxy item of type contact. When on/off received a command then set the proxy item to open/closed and use that item with google.