Adding additional Blinds1 types to RFXCOM

So - I recently acquired some Louvolite blinds. According to the RFXCOM documentation - they are subtype 0 on Blinds1 and (therefore) should be fully supported. On using RFXMngr to sniff the ID - I found out they are now actually subtype 11 (ASP).

I got around it initially by simply changing the type on the item via the Rest API and it worked well - but felt I should try to bring it up to date more completely. So I’ve installed Eclipse, dusted off my java coding memory (from 10 years ago!) and followed it through. I’ve now got a snapshotted JAR on my local machine which is working with the subtype T11 showing through and I’m going to test for a week or two before I try to figure out how to push it to github.

Reviewing the code, however, it looks like all the subtypes are supported in the actual code - but they aren’t exposed as options in the binding XML or the documentation.

I don’t have other blinds to test the other subtypes - so I’m reluctant to simply add them all into the options (I come from the school that says better not to expose something not tested) - but I’m wondering if there’s a good reason they’ve been left out - perhaps they don’t work!

If not - is there a case for adding them into the config and seeing if anyone says “hang on - that one doesn’t work”?

(Different teams - different philosophies on this kind of stuff!)