Adding additional tags to influxdb metadata from MainUI

I’m somewhat confused to how to add the additional tags to influxdb metadata through the MainUI in OH3. The docs description for adding it to files is clear, but how is it done in UI, do I add them in the config fields, if so where can I find the syntax for it, or is that what is attempted to be shown in the docs example?
Also the docs show clearly that the value key does not have the " " in the value field, is that not necessary either?

Hope someone can shed some light on this.


I just had the same issue and confusion as you. I figured it out by importing a new item “from textual description” using the examples provided in the doc. You can add addtional tags in the following format:

value: dimmer_brigthness
  room: office

With value beeing the measurement and room being the key of the additional tag with the value “office”

Yep that works. Thanks! :smiley: