Adding BasicUI as an addon

Dear Community,

Usually I go for the Demo or Standard installation of openHAB on openhabian. Now it seems that in the last installation the client hit the “Simple” installation variant. After entering localhost:8080 the BasicUI is missing.

How can I add the BasicUI?

Best regards,

That depends if there is an addons.cfg file. If so, you can add “basic-ui”, like in this example:

ui = “basicUI,classic,habmin,habpanel,paperUI”

If there is none (recommended in my opinion), then you add the basic-ui feature in the openhab console.

What do you mean by “adding the feature openhab console”? Do you mean the karaf console?

By the way: I created an addons.cfg file, added the text snippet and copied it to openhabian. Then I restarted openhab but there was no change - Basic UI was still missing.

Anyway, is there an opportunity to reinstall the Demo or Standard installation on openhabian?

Thanks in advance for your further advice.


Yes the karaf konsole, but the documentation calls it openHAB console and I want to stick to those definitions to not confuse anybody.

You need a full addons.cfg not just that line. But it will definitely be considered, it is the service configuration for the karaf osgi service, which is basically the boot bundle of openHAB.

Yes, that addons.cfg file. It controls the “first start package selection” as well as a fixed set of bundles. Just be aware that addons.cfg overrules paperUI. Karaf will always stick to what is listed in the file and will uninstall everything else.