Adding channel/item to ESPHome generated thing


Running OH3.0.0 on a windows environment with an external MQTT broker (On a separate Debian machine)

I have this auto generated thing from ESPHome

Which contains a relay, and a DHT12 (temp and humidity sensor)

Auto Discovery got me to this point. :slight_smile:
When editing the “OGS_04” thing, I get this:

When you are green as I, then messages easily scare you off :slight_smile:

I don’t know if/how it matters.
Any suggestion?

As seen in lower part of picture OH3 knows about the IO’s
And I could easily items from them from the model view.
I can only see measurements flow as expected, but why the message?

Great product :slight_smile:

Just a hard coded message that always appears! If it’s working fine, you can ignore it!

I get the same message for all my perfectly fine Things:

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