Adding customized webUI jar to add on


As a part of web UI customization, we had built the Web UI jar files from the web UI repo
The jar files have been copied to the path “/usr/share/openhab2/addons”, But the updated addons are not visible in the “paperUI->addon->userinterface”.

If anybody has a solution to this issue, please share

Thanks in advance

Manually installed addons do not appear in the Paper UI.

In that case

  1. How can we make the manually added add on visible

  2. How could we install the new Web UI to openhab. Is there any other process to do so

1, It will not be visible in the Paper UI but it should be visible in the openHAB Karaf console and be usable.

  1. I am not familiar with the Web UI except that all the UIs use the openHAB REST API to communicate with openHAB,

Karaf features are used to install add-ons in the UI. This information is not part of the bundles (JARs) themselves. Using Karaf features it is also possible to install multiple bundles or define dependencies between features so they are automatically installed when needed.


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