Adding Non-Semantic Tags

I am unable to add Non-Semantic Tag to item. I go to the tag I want to add the tag to, I select edit in the upper right hand corner, go down to the Add Tag line under Non-Semantic Tags, add my tag (Lighting), then click save in the upper right hand corner. It does not add the tag.

I’m trying to add a tag for the Hue Emulator to make the Dimmer visible to my Alexa Devices.

What am I doing wrong?

Running OH Version 3.1.0.M2

Thanks, John

Hit enter after typing in the tag. After hitting enter it will appear as a tag on the line above. It works the same was a tagging on this forum does.

Here you can see that Foo has been added because I hit enter. Bar has not yet been added. But once I hit enter…

Hahaha… hard to believe I didn’t try that. Embarrassing! I was trying to make it more complex :grin:. Thanks! Hitting enter works as you explained.

Hi, I’ve come across with the same problem yesterday, and just want to say that advice from @rlkoshak works only in Desktop Chrome browser - hitting Enter doesn’t do anything neither in Chrome on Android, nor in the native Android application.

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