Adding Nuki Opener through Main UI?

Hi all,

I am trying to add Nuki Opener through Main UI. I followed the following installation guide:

As documented:

This binding supports just one thing type: The Nuki Smart Lock.

Is there a way to add the Nuki-opener in the Main UI?


Can anyone help here? any tips would be appreciated

Create a Switch type item for the nuki:smartlock:.....:lock channel, then reference that item from the Main UI like you do with any other item.

Thanks Markus, can you please elaborate more?

No. What is unclear about that ?

What is unclear are the steps to follow?

When trying to add a new item from the Nuki binding (MainUI), I selected the “Nuki Smart lock” item and update the configurations with the Nuki ID from the opener (Again this is because the opener is not available), but then I usually receive the error that the BRIDGE_UNITIALIZED. Meanwhile, when I follow the same steps and used the Nuki ID from the “smart lock”, it works fine.

I don’t understand what you mean by “opener” ?
Use the channel from the lock’s thing for your item.

Nuki Opener is a device used to open the building door (intercom buzzer). Nuki Opener - Smarten up your intercom.
Nuki Smart Lock is a device used to open the apartment door. Smart Lock - Keyless electronic door lock for smart access - Nuki

On the MainUI, only the Nuki Smart Lock is available, and my question was “is there a way to add Nuki Opener” using the MainUI?

I don’t know that one. Do you need to add it after all ?
What’s happening if you use the switch/channel I wrote about, does it open the door ? That’s what the “opener” device is all about, isn’t it.

What do you mean by “use the switch/channel”?

Create a switch item, link it to the channel and then switch it. Does it open the door?