Adding Parameters to Aeotec Nano Dimmer

It’s here in the forum about 100 times :grinning:
Uninstall the current binding through a GUI
Download the latest zwave snapshot binding and place it in your addons folder
That’s it.
If you encounter problems:
restart openHAB
clear the cache and tmp folder
verify through Karaf the actual binding version:
bundle:list | grep -i ZWave

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Please post your issue in GitHub or the topic for the script.

Hmmm… you must have not read the instructions for the script, which gives details on how to perform each step manually.

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They did not read the process I stated twice here either.
I doubt the latest binding had the new entry because Chris only periodically republishes the binding. Not every snapshot has an updated binding.

I had seen several instances of people suggesting adding the jar file to the addons directory, but I didn’t realize those were the official installation/upgrade instructions. In that case, per my comment above, this didn’t work for me. Nothing happened.

Zwave wasn’t returned in the bundle:list command at all. I hadn’t seen the cache and tmp folder suggestion before, so I’ll try that and see if it does anything.

I’ll see if I can dig up the logs again. I know it was an issue that’s been reported before. Something about a 2-minute timeout.

Actually, I had read those instructions as well, but they didn’t work for me, which is why I was seeking out instructions on how to update the binding manually.