Adding Remotech IR transmitter and IP-Camera


I am exploring the wonderful world that is OpenHab, and i am loving it!

But there is two thing s i would like a bit of help with:

I have several IP-camreas in my house, Tenvis JPT3815W to be exact. I have been experimenting with adding these to the OpenHab UI but not suceede in the way i want. I have managed to get a link in plac ein the sitemap and got image a couple of times, but not always. I would like to add cameras to specific rooms in my setup and beeing able to click the canera and seeing the image directly in OpenHab, also on my android. Is this possible?

Also i need to add my Remotec ZXT-120 IR transmitter to the UI. I have searched for info on how to configure this device but so far no luck. Is it possible to add full functionality of this device to OpenHab?

Kind regards