Adding, removing items from groups

I have rules for turning some lights on and off. Sometimes I like to add and remove different lights to the groups.

Is there a way I could present a group in a sitemap, with a list if light switches, and on pushing a switch, the light is added or removed from the group.

Probably removes a little of control but would give me a bit more flexibility.

Changing Group members in flight does not work well in all situations, however. e.g. rules Member of triggers do not update

So I’d have to make a site map with all the lights to be added removed to a group. With a rule that trigger on each switch to add the light of the same name if on, or delete if off.

Items can be members of more than one group. So you can put all your “prospects” in a Group to-control-membership, which always shows on your sitemap and never changes membership.
They would have to be Switch type Items, though, since showing a Group gives you default displays for the Items.
Clicking on them could trigger a rule that changes membership in Group with-variable-membership.

Most likely you would want to show a Group of proxy Switch Items, each of which controls membership of some companion Item, the one you really want.
You can use naming tricks like myRealItem and myRealItem_control to pair up Items.