Adding Security System to Homekit

Good evening, all.

After fighting some odd issues with both the platform and HomeKit, it was suggested I load the latest Milestone release, which seemed to have fixed most of my issues (still can’t dim with HomeKit, it dims then jumps to 100 then does that a few times - saw a HomeKit issue with the order in which the commands are sent, so hopefully that can be worked around on OpenHAB). I haven’t been able to find a full list of tags that I need to add to the various devices, but my next hurdle is to get HomeKit control of the alarm system.

My lighting is UPB off an OmniLink Pro2, so basically, with the OmniLink module loaded, I’m able to have HomeKit control the lights. I expect there’s a tag I need to add to my main security area in order for HomeKit to see it as an alarm system and take appropriate action.

Does anyone have any guidance on how to set that up?


not sure which milestone release you have, but probably it does not support the security system.
you can find the list of tags supported by the official releases here

there are some custom builds which do support security system but they are not part of the official addon yet.
e.g. see