Adding SmartMeter Binding with Refresh Time > 30s

Hi There,

I’ve added configuration for my smart meter:

smartmeter:meter:pv     [port="/dev/ttyUSB1", refresh=60] {
    Type 1-0_2-8-0 : 1-0_2-8-0
    Type 1-0_16-7-0 : 1-0_16-7-0

But there seems to be a problem with timeouts in things handling:

'smartmeter:meter:pv' changed from UNKNOWN (HANDLER_CONFIGURATION_PENDING): Waiting for messages from device to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): The source did not signal an event for 30 seconds and has been terminated.

This is a little anoying because changing refresh time from 60 to something less than 30 will fix the problem. But I don’t wan’t that much updates.

How could I set the refresh time to 60?