Adding users in Openhab3

I am a little irritated about how I am intended to setup user accounts.
I created the first user when I was prompted to, but now I can not find a way to add anotherone.
Is OH3 indended to be used with a single user for administration?
Or am I just to stupid to find the place to do so?
I looked in the docs, but I can not find any talking about the administration user.

I am running the current stable copy of OH3 on a raspberry pi 4 4GB.

I hope this is not too stupid :smiley:

There is no ui yet to add additional users, but it’s possible to add new users. See this topic Is openhab 3 multiuser?

Ah thank you, exactly what I was looking for. I would like to maybe add this to the docs. Can I do this, and if how?

Sounds like a good plan. There is a recent thread with some more information on how to extend the documentation: HowTo make changes / minor corrections to the documentation?