Adding Z wave Node

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The database is part of the zwave binding. In order to get those changes you need to install a snapshot version of the binding that contains those changes.

Okay, but where do I get the correct snapshot version from? Is it the one that you linked me in previous post, or do I need to look the node up in the database?

I linked to an install script. Follow its directions and the script gets the snapshot binding and installs it.

Okay, I`ll try then :sweat_smile:

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Where do I find the correct Zwave Jar file that I need?

Either the script downloads it for you or you can follow the instructions in the README file to do things manually.

Where in the link that you sent me, is the script that I need to install?

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

How do I install it? Do I need some sofware?

The instructions to install are in the readme. The script itself is menu driven and self explanatory.

Which part of the readme file do I need to follow?

:roll_eyes: Really - it’s not very long so maybe read through the whole thing. It will take 2 or 3 minutes and it might help your understanding a little.

If you get stuck, people will be happy to help, but sometimes you just need to take the initiative yourself :wink:

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Hello again… :joy:

I`ve been looking through the readme file, and I have tried to follow the steps. But I dont quite understand how to actually install the file. It is copied into the addons folder, but how do I execute it from there?

That is mentioned in the first sentence of the readme.
Please start reading the basics before asking such questions.

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I have read through the readme file like 50times. And been trying to install the file throgh the Karaf for Openhab.
My problem is that I have no idea of how to execute the zzManualInstaller from the Karaf. Like I dont know how the command should look like.
I\ve been trying to write down the locationpath but always ends up in an error.

First you need to copy the file to your openHAB server. How this is done depends on your installation. If you are using Windows to access your openHAB installation on a Raspberry Pi (just my wild guessing as you did not provide any info on that) use the samba shares to copy the file.

Nope. This has to be done from your LInux shell, also know as terminal:

Karaf is only involved if you want to manually perform the steps from the script.

Again: see the readme.

And if you are not familiar with LInux:

I finally got it to work! And the node now comes up as it should, and I can control my light using the paper UI.

Next up is to configure the Dimming node to one of the channels on på In-wall sitch(2channel).

I`ve been reading some aboout it and found this:

Is this something I can do in the OH2 Paper UI, or is this only through the xml file?

If it is through the xml file, do I just write the commands(in the link, ofc with my node ID etc) and just save the file in the userdata folder?


For future readers: how did you solve it?

Not through PaperUI nor through the xml file. You need to do this through things files:

You need to link the Channels of your Things to your Items.
Usually one autodiscovers Things (don’t use the manual things files you mentioned above) and link the Channels through Items files.


Dimmer FibFGD212_1_Dim { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node37:switch_dimmer1", autoupdate="false" }

The way I did it was just to download OH2 again and installed it again.

When I link the Dimming pill to the In–wall switch,I can controll the light through OH.
But when I link the In-wall switch to the dimming node, nothing works.

And do I need to do the “Defining Things Using Files”( for this to work?

As I tried to explain before: no.
Either you need to use the autodiscovery function to generate the Things automatically (recommended) or (!) you need to define your Things via Things files.

From what I understand for your use case: you want to control your dimmer not directly through attached switches, you want to control it via a remote zwave switch?
Then you need to set up direct associations (openHAB is not involved then) or setup a rule.
Please use the search function in the forum, there are plenty of posts dealing with this.