Adding Z wave Node


Can someone add this device please?
Dimming Node.

network_ccd92955__node_7.xml (9.6 KB)


You could. :wink:
It is a community maintained database. Here is the database guide.

I got this error: “error parsing xml file”

That manufacturer is not in our database.

I cannot find the ID 0x0438 as being assigned for Z-Wave either. That would mean the device cannot be meeting the Z-Wave specifications.

Do you have a link to the product or its manual?


Here you go.


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This is the same manufacturer, but this does not come up as “unknown device”.

network_ccd92955__node_6.xml (9.9 KB)

No - that’s a different manufacturer.

This is very confusing as this conversation is happening in two places - let’s just discuss here.

The device is listed at the zwave alliance.

Still searching for their ID

What, It says Namron on them both.

I`ll send the product information on both.

I’m not sure what “both” you are talking about? Do you mean this statement here -:

If so, that is clearly a different manufacturer -:


Where the other device is -:


ie 0x330 versus 0x438. They are different manufacturers as far as the database is concerned since it can’t read what’s on the box - only what is in the protocol :wink:

I’ve now added this to the database - please can you provide the missing information.

Where do I find the missing information? Im new to this :slight_smile:

Device pictures and manuals can normally be found on the web and uploaded - overview and include / exclude information are normally in the manufacturer supplied manual. Configuration parameters (if any) will normally be in the manual, but some manufacturers may supply them in a separate document.

Device picture:

Configuration Parameters:

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When will the node come up as not a “unknown device”?

First the database needs to be updated. Once the information gets added, we will perform a review, and then the binding will be updated. Normally this will take a few days. Just remember to click the Request Review button once the information is complete as that emails the binding admins so we can do the review.

Okay, so I should add the xml File to the database, or what?

There is missing information in the database that needs to be added. The XML was already loaded, but the rest of the information needs to be added manually now - as per the database guide I sent you earlier.

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What kind of inforamation is:

  • Overview information is not set
  • Inclusion information is not set
  • Exclusion information is not set

And where do I put the information?

These are simply information from the device manual. Overview is some text describing the device. Inclusion and Exclusion information are how to include and exclude the device.

Press the edit button and you can edit the device. Enter it in the appropriate box in the database editor.

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Just as background to this - this information is fed into the binding documentation. We produce the device docs, and the binding thing descriptions from the database so it’s useful for users when they are searching for devices to understand what the device is, and how to configure it.

The better the information in the database, the better users are informed :slight_smile: .