Adding Z-Wave stick to OpenHAB

This will probably end up being a silly issue on my end, but I’m trying to figure out how to add my Z-Wave stick via ser2net. I have an Aeon Labs S2 stick (DSA02203) on a Raspberry Pi that I’m trying to connect into my OpenHAB VM using ser2net/socat following the guide at Share Z-wave dongle over IP (USB over IP using ser2net / socat ) guide - #58 by clempat.

Everything appears to be proper in the socat log on my OpenHAB VM. It shows a connection and then “starting data transfer loop”. The stick is mapped to /dev/USB0.

I’ve installed the Z-Wave binding, and I’m trying to add the stick to it. The instructions seem simple enough: " Before the binding can be used, a serial adapter must be added. This needs to be done manually. Select Serial ZStick, and enter the serial port". But I can’t figure out how this should be done.

I go to Configuration > Things, then click the + button and select the Z-Wave Binding and it brings up a screen that says “Choose Thing”. But there’s nowhere on this screen where I could add my stick. Am I in the right location, or does this need to be manually added elsewhere?

Edit: I’m using OpenHAB 2.5

The stick must be manually added. From memory, go to Inbox and there is a link center bottom to add manually.

I’ve tried that, but there’s nowhere to enter anything. I go to Inbox, click “Search for Things”, then click the ZWave binding. But then I get a blank screen with “Choose Thing” at the top…I can’t add anything here.

I think the binding didn’t install properly. I tried removing it, rebooting and then adding it again. It says it’s installed, but nothing shows up in openhab.log. It does say that it installed in events.log, though.

I just checked. At the bottom of the search window is add manually.

Mine says “SEARCH FOR THINGS”, but if I highlight it it says “Add Manually”.

If I click that, I get a list of my currently installed bindings.

Now if I click Z-Wave Binding, I get this:

I gather there should be an option here for Z-Wave Serial Controller, but I’ve got nothing.

I don’t have an OH2 instance running anymore to verify this, and I can’t remember how I did it myself… But if you click the blue plus button on the things page rather than the search button at the bottom, are you presented with an option to manually add a controller?

Clicking the blue plus button gets me to the same spot:

I think either the binding isn’t installed properly or it’s not detecting my USB stick. Would a USB stick need to be present for the option to manually add a controller show up?

I got this screenshot from someone else…supposedly I should be able to add the controller here but I don’t get this option:

Ugh…okay, I’ve got it. Apparently the option Z-Wave Serial Controller doesn’t show up in my environment when I’m going through my reverse proxy. If I go directly to OpenHAB it does show up.

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