Additional headers

My (external) InfluxDB is accessible only via CloudFlare with Access Restrictions.
CF allows several ways to authenticate:

  • Email Authentication (get a PIN code via email)
  • common name (my home server doesn’t have one)
  • access service token

As I see this, only the access service token could be a possible option for me. For this I need to add two headers to each request (CF-Access-Client-Id and CF-Access-Client-Secret). Is it possible to add these headers to the requests?

I dont know cloudflare offering very well, however from terms you mention it seems that you have a semi public instance of database which you try to protect.

In this regard the “common name” probably means a client certificate authentication. The other way with client id and secret is probably something similar to oauth. In both cases you need to amend configuration of http client running on openhab end in order to provide additional credentials. Since influx client used in openHAB is a separate library you probably need to create a feature request, at least for custom headers.