Additional Icon Suggestions for Classic (and other!) Icon Sets

Just looking around at what I want to add to my openhab install, and several of the things I’m struggling to pick an icon for in the classic icon set. Some I’m a bit surprised are missing as well (e.g. mobile, printer, tablet, etc.)
I made a comment on what seemed a reasonble github issue, but it’s quite old so probably no one will see it New Icon Set by reitermarkus

  • Mobile phone
  • Tablet
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Fridge
  • Shower (room)
  • Underfloor heating
  • Light meter
  • Carbon monoxide monitor

Seems a bit odd that some of these are missing, but I have a choice of 36 different icons for parents!


The set of Icons OH ships with was never intended to be complete. It is assumed that you would make/find/download your own icons to fill in the gaps. There is the ability and opportunity for someone to create their own icon set if desired and as long as they include a certain set of minimum icons I believe OH will include it.

But please recognize this is an open source project. It wholly developed and maintained by volunteers. No issue, no matter how good of an idea, will get implemented unless someone volunteers their time to solve it. For this issue, it appears that there hasn’t been a developer/contributor willing to donate their time to solve it.

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Of course - the above was an observation rather than ‘having a go’ I wasn’t sure if someone out there is beavering away on icons, or ‘owns’ the classic icon set, so was making some suggestions.

In fact, I meant it more as a compliment, in that the product is so mature and full-featured in other ways, that I’m surprised that no one has stepped up on the icon front thus far.

My skills are decidedly not artsy, so I’m relying on others here, or scrabbling together my own icon set. Well, maybe the latter is an option after all…

That is the perennial problem with projects like this. None of us are. Contributors tend to be engineers.

I know a lot of people find an icon set they like and just download and use those. There are tons and tons of sets out there that all have the same look and feel. My sitemap is primarily for admin and debugging so I’ve not bothered.

Some people also use unicode icons in their labels to add some more visual interest.

Hi Guys.
is there places that we can get royalty free icons to use. I am no artist and boy do I need some icons. lol . have bunch of items that I want specifically easy to id

Just search google for icons and look for the ones that are licensed with a creative commons license.

I would love it if this icon would be added to the default set, as I’ve just semi-finished an MQTT dosimeter!

Put in a pull request on git

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