Additional installation of homebridge

Hello. I am running on Openhab 3 and would like to install homebridge as additional bridge to Homekit. Are there any problems or can they run parallel?
Many thanks

Ich beantworte das inzwischen mal selbst, da ich einfach mal das Risiko eingegangen bin und homebridge installiert habe. Bisher keine Probleme. :slight_smile:

In Short (and english): The answer is: Yes you can install it parallel. There are no problem so far.

Sounds interesting, maybe you can explain how you installed homebridge and what are the advantages you get now?

I think it depends on your operating system. I am using debian linux so i used this instructions: Install Homebridge on Debian or Ubuntu Linux · homebridge/homebridge Wiki · GitHub
One of the advantages is, that homebridge supports webcams. I have an old iphone which i want to use as security cam. For this use case i found this tutorial.
iPhone als Kamera für HomeKit (Tutorial) - Tobias Tiemerding