Additional Z-Wave Devices

Hi guys,

I am new to OpenHAB2, loving it so far, awesome job done!
I have 3 devices that the z-wave binding did not discover:

  • Z-Wave Node 10 (0001:524D:3330:1.10) a ACT switch
  • Z-Wave Node 16 (0001:5257:3330:1.10) a ACT switch
  • Z-Wave Node 2 (5254:0000:5320:1.3) e Remotec Z-URC 550EU Remote

What is the easiest way to get those devices added?

Also my Aeon labs door sensor (DSB29 Door/Window sensor Gen2) doesn’t report battery state, what can i do to fix this? It’s fully discovered by the binding and i woke it up several times.

thanks a lot,


For that, just go back to Habmin and Configuration|Things, Rescan/include for zwave devices with the ‘magnifying glass’ icon.

For this, you need to check the database. Is this the recessed door sensor? I think I actually have the same problem but haven’t had much time to research it.

Thanks for the reply,
I already did rescan a couple of times.
Sorry for not being that clear but,
The devices are not in the database of the binding.
I want to know what is the best procedure to add them.



See here -:
Basically, you should register and email me so I can update your access, and then you can edit the database.

Thanks for your reply!
When I click the link I get a 404 error


I noticed something strange one of the devices i posted seems to be in the database:
Z-Wave Node 10 (0001:524D:3330:1.10)
I uninstalled and reinstalled the zwave binding in paper UI, but the device still doesn’t get recognized, it still shows as: Z-Wave Node 10 (0001:524D:3330:1.10)
I also rebooted OpenHAB2.

Did i miss something here?
thanks upfront,



Are you using the snapshot version of OH2, or release version? If you’re using the snapshot, then it should update ok, but the release one won’t. As this is a new device (ie new in the database) you will need to use the snapshot.

Chris i am using the release version.
How can i switch to the snapshot version?
And can i use the snapshot version for just the zwave-binding or, do i have to use the snapshot version for the entire install of openhab2?

thanks, br,

That sort of depends on what OS you are running OH2 on.

But you probably need to switch to the unstable package, which has recently moved to a new location.

The ‘easiest’ solution would be uninstall what you have and then reinstall. I’m not sure if change in source, update, and upgrade will affect anything.

I think I may have sort of the same situation, but I am running the latest snapshot(as of last night). I have an HSP02 Motion Sensor that it found fine w/ OH1.8.3, under 2.1 it’s stuck and not recognized.

This is the device :

Shows up in PaperUI as : Z-Wave Node 58 (0060:0001:0003:2.0)

And here is the xml file : node58.xml (5.5 KB)

Anything I can do to get this added? Not having motion detection in 1/2 my house is a bit of a show stopper. Thanks,