Addon Installation in Docker from local path doesn't start

Hi Everybody,

i developing currently a addon and can build successfully an jar file. I running openhab3 within docker and copied the jar file to the docker container into the directory /openhab/addons

But nothing happend and I can’t find the Addon within the UI under add new binding. Also the logging within karaf contains no information regarding my addon. The docker addon directory and the jar file have the proper owner and group and also have the rigthts 777.

Can anybody help me to install my addon binding?

Many Thanks

Best regards


You won’t find it there. But if you go to the Inbox it should be listed as one to choose to scan for new devices or to manually create a Thing from.

Only those add-ons that are installed from the UI appear in that section.

From the Karaf Console, do you see your add-on when you run bundle:list ?