Addon installed under userdata/tmp (influxdb)

When I install addons via PaperUI the corresponding JAR-files will be stored under /userdata/tmp.
From my understanding this is strange, since a tmp-directory is meant to be deleted regulary and an application should not count on important data inside a tmp-directory.

I may be mistaken, but shouldnt the addons be stored inside the addons-directory?

I talk about the influxdb-persistence-addon in particular. PaperUI tells me, that it’s installed successfully. But OpenHAB does not recognize this addon at all. Means it won’t find the persistence provider ‘influxdb’ when using the according REST-API-interfaces, neither does it list influx in the result of bundle:list.

I’ve read about several issues in this community, but none of the mentioned possible solutions fixed anything on my system.

I just found out, that the influxdb-persistence-JAR can be indeed found under userdata/kar/openhab-addons-2.1.0/org/openhab/persistence/org.openhab.persistence.influxdb/1.10.0. But bundles:list | grep influx is still empty.

OK, so I found out, that influxdb is not a bundle but a feature:

feature:list  | grep influx
openhab-persistence-influxdb | 1.10.0 | x | Started | addons-2.1.0 | InfluxDB (v 1.0) Persistence

So maybe the topic of my question is not the real issue anymore. The issue is now, why openhab does not persist any data to influxdb.
I’ll continue validating this issue and ask a new question in case.

@admins I can not delete this question. Could you? Thanks.