Addon update handling


as far as I know, addons are maintained in two github repositories: openhab/openhab1-addons and openhab/openhab2-addons

When changes are made to the repositories, what is the usual way of updating the addons on our openhab2 installations?

-> Will there be releases for the whole addon collection, or for a single addon?
-> Are these releases coupled to the openhab2 releases, or can I update the addon releases independent from openhab2?

Background: I have submitted a merge request and wonder how I get the fix to my openhab2 installation (when accepted).


Once a PR is accepted and merged into the main branch it will be automatically built during that night’s automated build and available in the next day’s SNAPSHOT.

The only exception to this are updates made on the Eclipse Smarthome project which are brought over to OH in more of a bulk fashion.

So the easiest approach to get the update is to install the snapshot and update that as appropriate for your OS (e.g. apt-get upgrade openhab2).

If you can’t or don’t want to update everything to the snapshot, you can uninstall the binding using PaperUI (or however you manage addons), download the .jar file for that specific binding from Cloudbees and drop that into the addons folder. OH will automatically pick it up and install it from there I believe.

Everything is released all at once.

They are coupled to the core releases, but I provided a way above to upgrade just one addon.

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