Ademco Binding port from 2.5 to 3.x version

Hello OH 3 Team,

I’m in the process of migrating to OH 3.x and have NOT found the Ademco binding migrated yet.

The Ademco binding integrates into the Honeywell Vista alarm panels seamlessly. I tried to drop it in and it doesn’t activate, it just says installed.


Is there plans to do this? How can I request this formerly?

Best, Jay

Seems this has never been an official openHAB 2.5 binding, therefore you should ask the contributor/author.

Hi @cweemin,

Would you please consider compiling your Ademco binding against the OH 3.x branch so a bunch of us can migrate our alarm system integration from OH 2.5 to OH 3.x?

Best, Jay

The unsupported 3.x binding can be found here. I’ve been running it for 2 months w/o any issues.

Beset, Jay

Hi Jay,

Did you have to do anything special in order to be able to arm, disarm and enable/disable chime with the new 3.x binding?

I have the status of my zones working and appearing in OH but not able to successfully send commands.

From the Envisalink page the commands work to the Alarm panel.

Here’s my code for arming it, pretty straight forward.

				var AdemcoThing = getThingStatusInfo("ademco:partition:192_168_0_58:Partition1") 
				if ((systemStarted.state != ON && AdemcoThing !== null) && (AdemcoThing.getStatus().toString() == 'ONLINE')) {			
					logInfo("ADEMCO","Sent Partition one Arm Mode 2 (Activiated).")			

Best, Jay

Thank you, any luck on bypassing a zone or disabling a chime?

Oddly enough the arming/disarming started to work just by adding to sitemap. Not sure what I did but not going to mess with it now :slight_smile:

Haven’t attempted either; I just use it for SMS alerting and auto setting/disabling the actual alarm.

Best, Jay