Adjust width of F7 dialog + include clipboard icon

As an avid Thing/Item file user, I sometimes find it cumbersome to create the equivalent Thing file configuration for an auto discovered thing from the inbox. This often leads to first accepting the auto discovered thing as a managed thing, then creating a file entry manually by copying representation property etc from the managed thing. Finally I delete the managed thing.

So make this easier I created this simple dialog where the user (me) can copy a starting point for the file configuration - with the representation property included.

Problem: I’m new to F7 and Vue, and I’m having trouble achieving the following:

  1. The generated thing configuration should show in full and not break → adjust dialog width
  1. I would like to include the clipboard copy icon, but it does not seem to render at all

See example so far:

Any tips?

The code is here; Add dialog to inbox that shows thing file template · openhab/openhab-webui@47e9412 · GitHub


An easier solution is to just make that button as a “copy to clipboard” and not show the value. The value could be a tooltip instead.

For clipboard copy take a look at clipboard-icon.vue

Thanks @JimT, I tried to embed this tag, but it did not render as I expected (not showing up at all).
Not sure if the syntax was wrong - or if the dialog component don’t support it. Maybe someone with sufficient experience knows?


This is good. On a similar note, i used to define all things and items in files. Now i take the approach to automatically generated both things and items as much as possible.
I do this in jrule using thing and item registry.

Not possible for everything, I’ll try to include this in the unifiprotect binding as an example, to have the option to automatically generate items. To me if it’s manually creating items in files or linking channels to items in the gui is somewhat boring and time consuming.

A lot easier to do this with items than things due to the nature of it.

Well… its possible to generate thing file from yaml and vice versa…
If you will have a look at this examples: WM-Bus - Wireless M-Bus :: ConnectorIO® Documentation
They are all delivered from this file:

Using this maven plugins: Plugin docs are available here: GitHub - thingfour/thingfour: An extra set of extensions targetting openHAB project and other openHAB-compatible deployments.. (no support for items yet)

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