Admin right in Openhabian

I run Openhabian 3.2 on a Raspi4.
I try to edit the fstab file (amongst others) but have no priveleges being logged in as openhabian. I can not find an admin account anywhere. My “admin” acount that I created for the UI does not work via SSH.
(I need fstab to mount a ssd to safv DB´s data there…)

OK, that was stupid: Sudo Nano does it. However I like to use WinSCP, edit there and save back. That requires admin priveleges - how do I set them with WinSCP into Openhabian?
I can do sudu chmod, but this complicates things

SSDs are not supported in openHABian.
If you’re proficient enough in Linux feel free to try for yourself but please don’t ask for help with modifying your openHABian based server.

openHABian will store persistence data into zram so you don’t need an SSD anyway.

Can Zram dump data regularly to a secure disk?

Zram itself does not but the backup tools openHABian comes with will do.

Thanks. I did setup the SD card mirroring. That works great. The openhabian Image that I burnt onto my 32 gbSD card was 16GB, hence all copies will be 16Gbyte now. I guess it will not happen, but what happens if my influxdb grows? I get 10 Mbyte for 12h (du -sh), hence roughly 3.5Gbyte for 1 year…

My crystal ball is on maintenance. What about going with the standard, rrd4j persistence.

that is far too granular for serious charting

Data recording is as granular as you configure it to be, and charting again is independent of that.
But unlike InfluxDB, rrd4j saves on space, compressing older data you don’t look at any more anyway. Now this is completely OT so will stop here.

You want to edit a file under Windows and copy it by using Winscp to your pi ?
You pay attention to differences with regard to newline characters between windows and linux ?

If you want to copy files by using WinSCP to admin/root account you need to copy your public ssh key into the admin’s/root’s account.
This may violate the warranty …