I am an absolute newbie and want to use the ADS1115 (ADC) in openhabian via the I2C Bus. I havent found anything here in the community and would like to know if its possible to integrate it in my system and if its possible, then how?

System: Raspberry Pi 3B and already installed Openhabian 3.3

My task is to read in analogue values and evaluate or process them further.

Maybe someone has already a Binding, I havent seen, or knows a way how to solve my Problem.

If you need further Informations of my System, just be free and ask me anything :slight_smile:

The only I2C add-on supports the MCP23017 but may support other devices that are also supported by Pi4J (according to those docs).

If this device doesn’t it likely isn’t directly supported by openHAB. But openHAB can call external scripts and external scripts can push data to OH using a supported communications protocol (e.g. MQTT) or using OH’s REST API.

Some hints: