Aduro H2 / H1 Pellet Oven implementation with OpenHab - using NBEtest tool

I have been trying out stuff to implement my Hybrid Pellet Oven in OpenHab - to offer me better controls than the manufacturers app.

In order to “give back” to this community, I have collected my setup examples (items, rules etc.) to show how I have done it. You can find these here:

Feel free to re-use :wink:

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Thanks too much Martin , I’m testing your job with my aduro H1 and I can tell that almost everything works. I’m a newbie with openhab, so for now I’m trying to understand how everything works. There are a lot of items, but only some are rilevanti. I will play around.
Thanks again for sharing you work!


I agree that there are too many items. I am cutting it down myself to only those needed - which will also make the rules easier to read. Also, I removed the eventlog-parsing, as it is not really needed…
I found a few issues in the code myself which I have fixed over the weekend.
Finally, I would like to implement a function which can be triggered to initiate burn of wood - like if the oven is unused/not running, to have the pellet function turn on a burn of wood - and then turn off again as soon as the wood is burning (and not wait until the smoke temp is >280 degrees c.
This is fairly simple to implement - but I would like to be able to use the function without affecting the rest of the setup (i.e. ON, but room temp reached), so it will take me a bit to figure it out :wink:
Once I have it working, I will update my GIT repository.

@Andrea_Titoz - I have uploaded the updated files to my GIT.

I have included functionallity to “start wood burn” - but have not had a chance to test it yet.

The GIT mentioned ( has now been updated.
In my case, this now works and served my purpose. Feel free to reuse what you can.
I included a small function/rule with a switch which can be used to “start a fire”, i.e. if you want to turn on firewood with the pellet-function, but have it turn off again as soon as the fire (wood) is burning.
I will consider this closed / resolved for now.

Hi Martin, is it possible to turn on the stove and setting the heat level (Varmeniveau)? I tried to find which is the command to send to the stove, but I was not able. I see that “operating_data/power_pct=50” and
“operating_data/power_kw=3.5” (heat level 2), become 100 and 7 and I tried to send a set command with that value, but no results. My aim is to create 3 different switches to turn on the stove with the desired heat level.
Thanks in advance

Hi Stefano,

No, I havent found how to do that. I tried to investigate in order to make the full mapping of what the aduro mobile app offers, but only found out how to turn on/off warming towards the settemp.
To me that is enough though…

@martindk @Andrea_Titoz could you figure out how to set the heat level?